Inner Circle is Limited to 30 People... Registration is open until 1/30/2019
What If You Could Join an Elite Group of Leaders Committed to Achieving 20X Performance Gains in Every Aspect of their Lives?
If you’re interested in joining the Inner Circle, you’ve likely achieved considerable success in your professional career. 
But chances are, you need one or more of the following:  
Clarity and Purpose...
Perhaps you’ve built an outstanding business or career, but you’ve reached a point where you want more clarity and purpose. Things aren’t working like they did before, and you are investigating programs that will show you how to break through barriers or wonder if it’s time to take a different path altogether. 
To Focus More Attention to What (and Who) Matters in Your Life...
In the pursuit of professional excellence, meaningful parts of your life – such as your health, family or close relationships have weakened from lack of attention; and you wonder how it’s possible to balance it all.
When Partial “Solutions” Don’t Work, You Need 20X 
Often people feel deep down they are capable of more, but get caught in a rut and subsequently sell themselves painfully short. In our work with SEALs and businesses, we’ve proven humans are capable of 20 TIMES more than they can imagine now.
I'm Living Proof That There is a Better Way
I’m really no different than you. I knew that I wanted a lot more from life and had to find a way to make it all happen. The Unbeatable Mind System gives me the tools I need to make my life work the way I want it to. The Proof: In the past several years I’ve launched multiple international businesses, authored 4 books including a New York Times bestseller, and maintained my rigorous daily physical and mental conditioning practices.

But, that wasn’t enough for me. Being present in my personal life was a signature priority. Could I really fit this all in?

After all this was said and done, I can now proudly tell you, yes I can! If I evaluate my life today, my marriage and family life are thriving, my friendships numerous and strong, and I spend time daily connecting with and reflecting on my “Why”—my central purpose and mission in life.
I'm Living Proof That There is a Better Way
I’m really no different than you. I knew that I wanted a lot more from life and had to find a way to make it all happen. The Unbeatable Mind System gives me the tools I need to make my life work the way I want it to. The Proof: In the past several years I’ve launched multiple international businesses, authored 4 books including a New York Times bestseller, and maintained my rigorous daily physical and mental conditioning practices.

But, that wasn’t enough for me. Being present in my personal life was a signature priority. Could I really fit this all in?

After all this was said and done, I can now proudly tell you, yes I can! If I evaluate my life today, my marriage and family life are thriving, my friendships numerous and strong, and I spend time daily connecting with and reflecting on my “Why”—my central purpose and mission in life.
Here’s what Inner Circle members who’ve applied 20X to their lives are saying: 
PL Bandy, Physician 
"About a year ago I had a perfect job setting. I was making six figures a beautiful condo and absolutely no passion or joy. I realized I needed massive change. Inner Circle is one of the best and hardest things I've ever done in my life."  
Perry Argires, Neurosurgeon 
“Joining and committing to the Inner Circle UM program, is one the best decisions I’ve ever made. Mark Divine and his team offer the best integrated program for growth on Planet Earth! What’s more important than to “know thyself”? My daily work in this program has kept me on the path to do just that. I love it!"
Derin Klemchuk, Attorney
"Inner Circle has been a transformational experience for me. It offers a unique combination of experiential learning, a robust toolkit, and association with other growth-minded individuals. I look forward to each quarterly event with excitement — and a little bit of healthy fear."
Michael Klein, Finance Banker
“What I took away from Kokoro was a sense of Courage that allowed me to excel my life at a rate beyond what I ever thought was imaginable. When Unbeatable Mind Inner Circle came up I thought this is the way where I can take that gift and maximize it...and it’s fulfilled everyone of those ambitions for me.” 
Kiston Finney, IT Risk Practitioner 
“I can tell you the vision for my life today as opposed to what it was when I signed up last year is exponentially different. If you want to go deep and do it with a team, a master and a series of masters and be exposed to make a commitment this is the way to do it.”
 The Networking and Collective Brain Power Alone Will Be Worth It 
Upon enrollment in Inner Circle, you'll train alongside me and an exclusive peer group that will help you 20X your life and reach new levels of personal and professional success, inner fulfillment, and service.

Our community is brimming with some of the brightest, most ambitious individuals I’ve ever met. If you are selected to participate, expect to be surrounded by overachievers from all walks of life and learn from the collective experience of the group. 

The diversity in this tight-knit group makes it truly unique - from high performing executives and entrepreneurs to world-class athletes and physicians our tight-knit group is full of all-around amazing individuals who are dead serious about creating the life they want.

(Limited to 30 People)
When you join Inner Circle, you will 20X your life physically, mentally, emotionally, intuitively and in your heart-mind-kokoro spirit by: 
  • Developing trust and authenticity with a team and tribe of like-minded individuals.
  • Setting and achieving your most important goals, aligning with your stand, making clear commitments and articulating your ethos.
  • Improving your health and fitness and experiencing the breakthrough 20X perspectives that SEALFIT crucible and Sheepdog training provides.
  • Transforming as you implement the complete Unbeatable Mind operating system.
  • Expanding your potential, ensuring peak performance in your career or business, deepening your connections and enhancing your service to your family, team and community.
  • Being held accountable and able to have critical conversations about what's holding you back.
  • Practicing the somatic, embodied leadership methods and practices of Kokoro Yoga.
  • Controlling your mind and reducing stress, eliminating anxiety, eradicating regrets and align with you archetypal purpose in life.
  • Learning to be open and vulnerable while engaging at the highest levels.
Are you ready to become part of this team?
This is the fourth year we have run the Inner Circle, and there is a reason that successful people come back year after year. 

If you join Inner Circle, we promise that if you’re willing to do the work, a year from now you will be thrilled with not only what you have accomplished, but who you become and how you have served others in the process. 
Substantial Price, Even Bigger Return on Your Investment 
As you may imagine, Unbeatable Mind Inner Circle involves my time and commitment, in addition to travel and extensive preparation with my coaches. It is for those of you who already have a serious degree of success in your business or career and want to take it even further.

If you fit this description, then I’m confident that the 20X performance increases you’ll achieve will make a rapid return on your investment several times over. This is just the beginning, however. One of the most special components of the program is the network itself.
"How Do I Know if I Qualify?"
The interest in this program is high, and we are exceptionally careful in our selection process. 

Here are the criteria to consider before submitting your application:
  •  You must be honest, ethical and care about the success of others as much as your own 
  •  You must have a current business, career or means to afford what will be a meaningful investment in your performance and future 
  • You must be a team player The depth and breadth of the progress acquired by individuals will depend on the power of the group dynamic we create
  •  You must want a COMPLETE life: this program is not for those who merely want more money; it’s meant for those who want the multi-dimensional, awe-inspiring life they imagine possible
  •  You must be committed to real change. Many people attend programs yet shy away from initiating real and meaningful changes in their lives. That is not an option with us. You’ll be pushed and expected to raise your game in big ways. 
If you can honestly say you meet all five of these criteria, I encourage you to take the next step with us. 
How to Get Started
Our team will review applications as they come in and notify you about your application status as quickly as possible. 

Once your application has been reviewed, you will receive an email to set up a call with one of my team leaders, who will discuss your candidacy in more depth, as well as pertinent details like pricing, timing, and other logistics.

If you are ready to get more out of your life, then don’t wait to get started. Let’s come together and conquer every key area of your life—with no stone being left unturned. 

Refuse to settle for good. Demand GREATNESS. 

I look forward to working with you inside this program. 

Coach Mark Divine 

Best-Selling Author, Retired SEAL Commander
Speaker, Trainer, Entrepreneur 
Founder of SEALFIT and Unbeatable Mind
What is included in the program?
  •  Free tickets to TWO unique Unbeatable Mind Academy Experiences held during 2019, each focusing on a different aspect of the transformational Unbeatable Mind Operating System:
  •  Quarterly One Day Master Mind Sessions with Mark Divine and the Unbeatable team. Two of these line up with the Academy experiences in March and September. The other two line up with training that we offer and think you will want to participate in, such as the Sheepdog events.
  •  Remote access to the Quarterly Master Mind - if not able to attend in person.
  •  Monthly team call with Mark Divine.
  •  Bi-monthly coaching with an Unbeatable Mind Master Coach.
  •  Set massive goals for the year, and receive Boat crew (your small team) accountability to step up and achieve them
  •  Supplemental (and optional) experiential learning with Mark Divine and the Unbeatable Team - scheduled the day prior to the Master Mind events in June and December. 
  •  35% discount on other trainings offered by Unbeatable, including the world-famous SEALFIT Kokoro Camp, 20X and 20XL, Sheepdog and Kokoro Yoga teacher training.
Where are the meetings to be held?

The Inner Circle Mastermind meetings will be held in Carlsbad CA. This has become a powerful, transformative venue over the years and will aid in the process of taking you to the next level. Bonus events may be held at other facilities nearby in Encinitas or Carlsbad, CA

Who is this program for?

There are several groups of individuals who this program is perfectly suited for. One is executives who are looking to unleash greater levels of productivity and performance, better build their company and at the same time—bring greater balance to their lives. We've also greatly assisted entrepreneurs and individuals who may earn great money, but find it challenging to streamline their lives with optimum health, relationships and more.

Another group who will benefit immensely is fitness professionals (this includes gym owners, trainers, teachers) who are looking to grow their business. There are others, but this should provide a good sense of who fits this program best. If you are unsure, feel free to fill out your application and we'll discuss it with you.
What if I cannot attend a meeting?

If you are unable to make all quarterly sessions, you can connect virtually via large screen TV. In the case that you have a date conflict, there's a possibility that you may be able to make up one missed mastermind meeting by attending a future one. However, we greatly encourage you to participate in all the masterminds with your core group, as you will develop a close bond with them in this program.

Once I've submitted my application, when can I expect a callback?

After you've submitted your application, should receive a callback from one of our coaches within 3-5 business days or sooner. On that call, we'll discuss your goals, plans and current situation, your fit for the program and the payment process.

When does the program start?

This program is only open for new members twice per year. Our next meeting will be on March 11th, 2019.

"The Secret of Getting the Best Results for Your Small Business Is Joining the Inner Circle."
Russell Brunson
  •  12-month minimum membership required. No cancellations or refunds once membership is purchased. 
  •  Payment schedule must be current prior to attending any of the group events.
  •  Members are responsible for their own travel, meals, and accommodations for the events. 
  •  Official invitations to events included in the program will be emailed to the members no less than 1 month prior the event date. 
By agreeing to participate in one or more physical fitness programs, classes, workouts or events sponsored or held by SEALFIT – Unbeatable Mind and any affiliated companies which may include but does not require, and is not limited to, one or more of the following: initial assessment, introductory training, personal training and/or coaching, SEALFIT or CrossFit training, and/or physical fitness training, and/or assistance or instruction of any kind, by CrossFit and/or any affiliate, subsidiary or partnership of SEALFIT or Unbeatable Mind. Prior to participating, SEALFIT/ Unbeatable Mind have made me fully aware that the fitness programs/classes which they offer and in which I desire to participate are of a nature and kind that are extremely strenuous and can/may push me to the limits of my physical abilities. I recognize and understand that the programs/classes and exercises undertaken therein are not without varying degrees of risk, which may include, but are not limited to the following: muscle soreness, minor aches and pains, tiredness, stiff joints and muscles, tearing of muscles, ligament, muscle, tissue or bone tearing or breakage, serious and/or life-threatening injuries to the musculoskeletal and/or cardio respiratory systems, serious bodily injury or death.
Statement of medical condition:  
I realize that SEALFIT/ Unbeatable Mind offer training programs that are difficult for very fit persons, including elite athletes, competitive athletes, and combat-ready troops. Knowing this to be the case, I do hereby state and certify that I receive periodic medical check-ups at least once a year, that I have had a physical examination from a competent physician within the past 12 months, and that I have no cardiovascular or other concerns, problems or illnesses that might keep me from participating in a SEALFIT or CrossFit training program, such as (but not limited to) heart problems, lung problems, circulatory problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, hardening of the arteries, shortness of breath, chest pains, arrhythmia, heart palpitations, arterial dysfunction, circulatory disorders, or other condition that would raise concern in the mind of a reasonable person. I have no knowledge of any other medical problem or condition or problem that might increase my risk of illness and injury as a result of participation in such a program. SEALFIT/ Unbeatable Mind has fully and carefully informed me that I may experience adverse physical changes during and/or after exercise, such as joint or muscular aches and/or pain, swelling, abnormal blood pressure, fainting, disorder of heart rhythm, stroke, and in very rare instances, heart attack or even death, and again, I fully understand this to be the case. With my full understanding of this information, I again agree to assume any and all risk associated with my participation in SEALFIT/ Unbeatable Mind fitness programs/classes.
Assumption of All Risks:  
For and in consideration of being allowed to participate, I do hereby intentionally, willingly and voluntarily assume full responsibility for any and all risks of injury, including serious bodily injury or death, as stated above, to which I may be exposed as a result of my participation in SEALFIT/ Unbeatable Mind physical fitness programs, classes, workouts or events. I accept full and complete responsibility for any injury or death, including expressly any injury or death that which results from my own negligence.
For and in consideration of being allowed to participate, and in recognition of the above-mentioned risks and hazards, I do hereby intentionally, willingly and voluntarily release, waive, remise and discharge SEALFIT/ Unbeatable Mind , its agents, officers, principles, and employees, and each of their heirs and assigns from any and all claims and causes of action, known or unknown, including any liability, claim, demand, action or right of action arising or out of my participation in the above-referenced activities.
I recognize that there is risk involved in the types of activities offered by SEALFIT/ Unbeatable Mind.
Therefore I accept financial responsibility for any injury that I or the participant may cause either to him/herself or to any other participant due to his/her negligence. Should the above mentioned parties, or anyone acting on their behalf, be required to incur attorney’s fees and costs to enforce this agreement, I agree to reimburse them for such fees and costs. I further agree to indemnify and hold harmless SEALFIT/ Unbeatable Mind , their principals, agents, employees, and volunteers from liability for the injury or death of any person(s) and damage to property that may result from my negligent or intentional act or omission while participating in activities offered by SEALFIT/ Unbeatable Mind .