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How would you like to experience the same training that we've taught to tens of thousands of athletes, Navy SEALs, and Special Operators who are using it in hot spots around the world right now?
The Life You Want is Going to Be Fueled By The Mind & Body that You Take Care Of.

NOW With Limited Equipment and Bodyweight WODs.
$29.97 per month
If you're reading this, you're most likely interested in one of two things. 

You want to transform your health and fitness habits. 

You have a busy schedule and with everything you have to do, it can be a challenge to stick to an exercise plan. 

Now that summer’s over you’re ready to get back into great shape. 

Or, you want to reach the next stage of fitness and set new PRs (personal records). 

You already have a disciplined fitness regimen and healthy habits, but you're not making the performance gains you want. You may have an event you're training for or other personal best goals that you want to reach and you just aren't getting past your plateaus. 

We can help with that too.

SEALFIT Online Elite Plus is for all fitness levels and goals. This includes those training for the Navy SEALs and other Special Ops AND those who are training for an endurance or SEALFIT crucible event, or just want to live the SEALFIT lifestyle! 

Members also enjoy a weekly email with daily content delivered to their inbox to help develop mental toughness, emotional control, elite level functional fitness and the warrior spirit. These are designed to be “grab and go” secrets that you can quickly use in your daily life. Topics include Recovery, Fueling, Mental Fortitude and Training. 

Finally, you'll have access to an active private Facebook group where you'll get support from our SEALFIT coaches and community to answer any questions regarding training, fueling, recovery and mental toughness, or specific questions you may have. 

If you want to reboot your health, fitness and mental fortitude, jump-start your training for an event, lose fat, increase muscle, develop strength and stamina and develop the mindset to handle any challenge, then I encourage you to sign up today for just $29.97 per month.
Here Is How Your Membership Works…
SEALFIT Online Elite Plus retails at $29.97/mo 

Then, in exchange for trying out SEALFIT Online Elite Plus, you get all of this:
  • 6 Daily workout choices for different fitness levels and equipment useage
  • ​Interactive Coaching Forum 
  • Membership in the Private Facebook group to interact directly with SEALFIT Coaches and active community
  • Weekly SEALFIT content emails delivered to your inbox
  • Instant access to over 120 instructional exercise videos to help you conquer SEALFIT obstacles 
  • Immediate Access to a content library of over 800 content videos to help you 20X your performance across the mental, physical, emotional, intuitional and Kokoro Spirit
“I joined SEALFIT online (so excited) and started work on building my own gym. I have never felt better (even though I can’t do most of what you really mega super-fit folks can do yet). Each day it gets easier though. Early morning workouts are really easy as I just get up before the kids and they sometimes join me, though mostly like to laugh at daddy warn out on the floor which they think is hilariously funny. ” 

“I just wanted to let you know I secured hell week this past Friday. I’m not just saying this but the “big four” of mental toughness were the single most valuable asset I had with me in the first phase. Specifically using micro-goals, positive self-talk and visualization were what got me through hell week. Every time we got surf tortured I saw it as a chance to visualize calling my dad after we secured and telling him I made it. Well sure enough that visualization became reality. I still have a long road ahead but the lessons I learned from you and SEALFIT were invaluable to getting me this far.”
If you want to dial in your health and fitness and feel great, then this is the mission we’re giving you..
Scott Semel 
“Before starting, I thought I was reasonably fit. I really wasn’t sure it was possible to gain muscle and increase overall fitness. I was completely mistaken. My weight is down 9 lbs, saw my doc this past Friday and my cholesterol is down 80 points (that’s not a typo), and my cardiac risk went from 3.5 to 1.6. He asked me to send him a link to this program so he can “get into shape.” 

Tamara Phipps Kauder 
“My PST is improved, my swimming endurance is amazingly better. I have developed good habits for portion control, resisting sugars, working out faithfully and visually and mentally plowing through things I once thought impossible.” 
With our full suite of time-tested SEALFIT drills and exercises, you have everything needed to experience a full-body evolution.
If you are looking for elite training and programming, SEALFIT Elite Plus is your road map to physical and mental toughness. Includes SEALFIT OPWOD, Special Operations Forces WOD, Masters WOD, OnRamp WOD, Limited Equipment and Bodyweight WODs.
As a member of our SEALFIT tribe, you will gain VIP access to the world-famous comprehensive physical and mental fitness program, including the “Big Four” mental training techniques of breath control, positive internal dialogue, visualization, and task orientation.
Enjoy direct access to certified SEALFIT coaches who are ready to answer any questions regarding training, fueling, recovery and mental toughness, or specific questions you may have. Our coaches offer to evaluate your PST performance for WOD placement and crucible readiness.
Coach Divine and the SEALFIT coaching staff deliver four daily “grab and go” secret tips each week you can quickly use. Topics include Recovery, Fueling, Mental Fortitude, and Training. Plus, a weekly email helps you set goals and push your training forward.
Benefit from VIP Access to over 120 exclusive SEALFIT video exercises with step-by-step demos. You won’t see these anywhere else outside of SEALFIT HQ!
Elizabeth Daring
“I've gotten myself back on track towards being physically fit again after a very long time of allowing my career and family (and excuses) and stress to get in the way, and not necessarily in a black-and-white bad way, but you know what I mean.” 

Michael Boemmel
“Deciding to hit the purchase button was one of the best fitness and health decisions I have ever made. I knew of the quality of the SEALFIT programs that Commander Divine, you and the other SealFit team have created, and always wanted to be a part of your family at SealFit. This was my chance to jump into the water.”